Changes in the ferry traffic

The adaptations to the new ferry in the port of Umeå are an intensive and demanding job where several men and machines work together in a small area under tough conditions. As the ferry from Vaasa arrives at the same place, it means daily challenges for both Wasaline and the ongoing construction work.

In order to further improve and streamline the work on the project, it has therefore been decided that Wasaline's ferry will call at the inner harbor, initially until 28/2 2021. In this way, the contractors working on the expansion of the ferry terminal, the new passenger passage and improvements to the pier work without interruption from ferry traffic.

Check-in of passengers, cars and freight takes place as before at the ferry terminal. The ferry passengers are bussed and car and freight traffic is piloted to and from the ferry.

NOTE! No check-in at the inner harbor.

With these measures, it is hoped to improve the loading and unloading of the ferry and to facilitate the continued project work before the new ferry Aurora Botnia arrives in May 2021.

/ Umeå Hamn AB & Wasaline